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For Delroy Lindo and Tracy McMillan, Art Imitates Life

The team behind Hulu’s ‘UnPrisoned’ share the experiences from their personal lives that have helped them bring the show to life.

About this episode:

Tracy McMillan’s dad spent most of her life in prison, getting out for the last time when she was in her 40s. But for all the movies and shows about prison, she hadn’t seen her experience portrayed on screen in a way that resonated with her.

So, as a successful television writer and author, she decided to write it herself— for her and the millions of others who grew up with a parent behind bars. After years of work, Tracy’s story became Hulu’s new hit show UnPrisoned.

It’s a funny and heartfelt take on what happens when a father who has spent decades in prison, played by Delroy Lindo, comes to live with his adult daughter, played by Kerry Washington.

This week, Trymaine sits down with Tracy and Delroy, for an eye-opening conversation about their experiences from childhood, their relationship with their fathers, and the healing power of art.

Find the transcript here.

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