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Latest from Sarah Posner

3d ago

The big myth about the supposed 'anti-trans' backlash

Polls show that a coordinated assault on trans rights has increased anti-trans views among Republicans. Yet, too many observers are mistaking this shift for a broader backlash.
20d ago

New Duggar family doc should have burned far more than a reality show to the ground

"Shiny Happy People," a new four-part docuseries streaming on Amazon Prime, tells the story of how reality television deceptively molded the Duggar family into America’s sweethearts.
32d ago

Ron DeSantis already has something to hide

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis avoided abortion in his botched Twitter Spaces 2024 announcement with Elon Musk and in his presidential campaign video.
41d ago

Trump is driving white nationalism. Biden needs to say so.

Biden correctly stressed the threat of white nationalism during a commencement speech at Howard University. But he needs to call out Trump and the GOP's role in perpetuating it too.
60d ago

The internet is already racist. AI chatbots are making it worse.

A recent Washington Post investigation found that the news sites in Google’s C4 data set include content from far-right sites like Breitbart and VDare.
72d ago

Jim Jordan’s new myth: an ‘anti-Catholic’ FBI

Conservative media outlets, fueled by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, are promoting a false story that an FBI memo shows the bureau is biased against Catholics.
86d ago

The Supreme Court’s Ginni Thomas problem is bigger than legal ethics

A report uncovering donations to a group led by Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, raises new questions about conflicts of interest.
94d ago

This rising GOP star embodies the Christian right’s bigotry

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has used his Facebook feed to promote racist, antisemitic, homophobic and transphobic viewpoints and memes.
106d ago

A new poll suggests Ron DeSantis’ 'anti-woke' crusade will backfire

As Florida's Republican governor prepares a presidential run in 2024, a USA Today-Ipsos survey finds most voters disagree with one of his favorite strategies.
134d ago

The touchy-feely ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl ads hide a dark truth

Top Super Bowl 2023 super commercial lists will certainly include the Jesus loving "He Gets Us" ads. But who paid for those very Christian spots?
147d ago

The radical Christian group that is still getting a pass on Jan. 6

Materials the House Jan. 6 committee released show a deeper link between Christian nationalism and the insurrection than revealed in its final report.